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Where to buy the elastic bands with the huge balls or "bubbles" worn with dread falls?

ive looked all ove r the internet and i have no idea besides ive heard them called hair bubbles....there the elastic bands that have a pair of huge plasic balls on each end. ravers, goth, punk, dollys, lolitas, cosplay wear these with there dread falls. i need them and any info would be appreciated

Where to buy the elastic bands with the huge balls or "bubbles" worn with dread falls?

When I make dread falls, I just get really thick elastic and sew on the fall.

Changing my look?

I want to go from this:

To this:

(I want that type of clothing)

(I want my hair to look like that)

What are stores sell that Punk Rocker clothing, but I dont want it to be like... emo?

Changing my look?

well. let your hair get a little longer and buy some extremely good hair gel. then go to the mall and check out hot topic for their band shirts and pac-sun for everything else.

Changing my look?


Changing my look?

ask God to create u from the first!!!!

What is the full preppy look?

my school is doing ths clique week day is emo day, one is urban ghetto, one is rocker punk... and so on. but monday is preppy day. i need to know exactly what to wear and how to wear it to look as preppy as possible. the winner gets $100 gift card to whichever brand name clothing store in the mall. i also want to know what to do with my hair, makeup, shoes, etc. plz help wth every detail, i know ur supposed to wear abercrombie and hollister and stuff but i want to know HOW TO WEAR IT!! also i reallllllly need to know a variety of shoe brands to wear...LINKS WOULD HELP ALOT!!!!!!

What is the full preppy look?

The preppy look is very classy. Think of cable knit sweaters plaid, argyle, etc.


Have it straight, wavy, or scrunched. These are the main looks you see on those store bags.

To straighten it, either use a straightener and run it through your hair. Or, you can blow out.

To blow it out, you need: Smoothing milk, a round brush with multi-bristles, a blow drier over 1800 watts, shine spray, volume spray, and styling cream. Apply styling cream to damp hair. Spray volume spray on just the roots of the top of your head. Run your fingers through while drying on cool. Then, wrap your hair up. Take down layer by layer. Dry the ends while spinning the brush at the ends to straighten them. After that, run the brush through the hair while drying. (Facing the floor to prevent frizz.) Do this to all your layers. After that, finsih with shine spray. (Lightly mist or it'll look all greasy.) If some of the ends of your hair curl out slightly redo the ends by using the round brush again. If you have flyaway,s apply smoothing milk to it.


You can use a curling iron to create waves or use a curling moose and let your hair air dry.


Use a leave in conditioner curling moose and put it in a bun to air dry, then the next day take it down. (Don't do this if it's your first time. You might do it wrong and have no time to fix your hair in the morning.)


Use spray gel and scrunch your hair by crumbling your hair (Like crumbling a piece of paper) upwards, and keep doing it till it air days.


They go for the natural look. Use foundation/tinted moisturizer, a blemish stick, and blush to top it off. (Mascara and eyeliner is optional.)The phrase 'Less if more' is totally correct.


Most of them where flip flops or flats. For flip flops, any is cute! For flats, aim for the black ones with a cute little bow on them. (Payless) Or if it's winter, buy some uggs or any sort of boot similar to them.


Well, if you want 'preppy' like my school does it, here are some classic looks.

Henly+Tank/Cami+Denim skirt+flip flops

V neck sweater+Polo+skirt

Outwear vest+Shirt+jeans

Tank/cami+Faux Fur Outwear+boots

Polo+denim/matching skirt

Open zip hoodie+polo+matching skirt

Jumper Dress+flipflops


They are not snobby. They like to excel and go above and beyond according to anything they do. Sports, education, you name it. They will raise their hand if they know the answer, complete their homework, be polite (no cussing), and be nice to everyone. Smile. They aren't ditsy. Some preppy sports are swimming, tennis, football, gold, and lacrosse. Most don't slouch. Classic good girl.


I don't know about earrings sorry. Pearls are the best. Layer them or have one strand that fits perfectly around your neck. If you can, buy one with a little bow. Same thing with the bracelets. Pearls are good, but so are bangles. For the bangles wear one or two on the same arm at your wrist.


Designer bags are good. Try buying a tote. Just wear it like you would normally wear a purse.

Try some of these stores:

American Eagle

(Check out thier outfits for examples)


Abercrombie and Fitch


Aeropostale (For basic pieces)

J Crew

Old Navy

Department Stores


What is the full preppy look?


What is the full preppy look?

Wear a skirt tuck in your shirt put barely any blush on straighten your hair put it in a pony tail make the skirt pink and to your knees and wear either a white shirt or TIGHT red shirt

What is the full preppy look?

Preppy is plaid, pleated skirts, white button down shirts, glasses, and a tie. Think Catholic school girl.

What is the full preppy look?


get bright colours

and perfect beach waves in your hair

charm bracelet or lockets

polos, nice ripped but tamed jeans

not too tight, but not baggy, it has to be fitting

nice flats

the make up cant be too extreme

lip gloss, eyeliner, mascara

search up the oc pictures of the girls, and the hills, etc.

What is the full preppy look?

my cats name is zaza it means movement in hebrew

What is the full preppy look?

ask me when it is time to dress like a punk rocker lol

but i am guessing wear light colors: blue, pink , yellow, and white. i say you should wear like a white skirt, with a light color tank top, with with chucks that are the color of your shirt. for your hair you should put it up in a ponytail, your make up should be light: lip gloss masscara, and blush. that is the best i can give

What is the full preppy look?

to me, some days when i feel like it i would dress super preppy. like full out. i think what you should do is;

1] wear a plaid skirt, if you cant get it i think capris would work, not demin fabric.

2] if your wearing a skirt, then wear high knee skirt.

3] flats. or chucks taylor would work.

4] then you should wear like a polo. and a tie; those short ones would make it look really cute.

5] your hair should be in pig tails! and as for your make up.. i dont know because i dont wear make up. but to what i see you should try %26amp; make your outfit pink %26amp; white because its prepppy. and thats what colors preppy girls usually wears.

What is the full preppy look?

ok you are so wrong. you are not suposed to wear AandF or hollister to be preppy. everyone seems to think so now but its very very wrong. preppy is not jeans and a tee shirt and flece jacket. its not converse morons!!! even if you do wear them with polos. preppy is not wearing a plaid skirt with knee high scoks and pigtails!!!

its like this .....

go to week 1 and wait for blair

What is the full preppy look?

hope this helped!

What is the full preppy look?

Well your supposed to wear BRIGHT colors!!! Wear layers like first a whit cami then another shirt (any color cami) then a like sweater thing (V-neck ect.) Try wearing metallic belts Make them skinny and i would say sparkly the color gold would be best. For bottoms i would say either jeans (not black) or a skirt (pink, white, and a jean skirt). For shoes wear matallics (make them the same color as the belt) flats or heels would be just fine. Purses small not BIG. Wristlets work well 2. As for make up nothing dark. Keep it simple lip-gloss, medium colored blush, eye-liner (NOT DARK it looks trashy). Hair wear it down and straightened or if you want to up in a pony-tail but make it look clean (no bumps) and add a skinny head-band (those strechy kinds) those make it look sporty yet preppy. when and if u wear it done also wear a head-band only those thicker hard ones. make it match yur out fit.

I hope that helped 閳?br>What is the full preppy look?


you'll be supporting stereotypes.

and labels belong on soup cans

NOT PEOPLE! it's one thing to

have school spirit, and another

to be supporting stereotypes!

What is the full preppy look?

okay for the clothes:






and straighten your hair and put it in a cute side pony tail with side bangs (:

and have a cute charm bracelet

with a ring or two:

and maybe a necklace is optional:

and if you have big sunglasses you can wear those....

hope this helps (:

What is the full preppy look?

Straighten you hair until its flat as possible. If you have a coach purse bring it, or get a really nice and expensive "looking" purse. Wear a short skirt, with a tanktop from abercrombie and fitch, wear some red high heels, and wear a red headband, and then put on loads of mascara, and eyeliner. Then some blush and pink lipgloss. Wear some bulky braclets that match ur clothes, then wear a nice necklace, and get some big black sunglasses. You dont want to spend loads of money, or it would be a waste. Just find some really cute clothes at walmart or find good sales at american eagle.

What is the full preppy look?

If you wanna look full out preppy then wear this outfit:





For your makeup%26amp;hair for this look, line all around your eyes with black eyeliner, but don't make it too thick. Mascara, foundation to make your skin look flawless, bronzer, and sheer lip gloss. Straighten your hair stick straight and make a side part to create side swept bangs.

thats one look, here's another:






For makeup%26amp; hair: Line top lids with black eyeliner, dust a shimmery shadow across the entire lid and up to the brow bone. Mascara, foundation, bronzer, sheer lip gloss. Make hair beachy-wavy and straighten bangs (if u have them)

hope i helped!

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

Tall 6.4 weight 180.

I speak french... I get a lil french Accent when I get Shy and nevious

I love musiq, Hip hop, Rock, R%26amp;B, Soul, Disco, Punk, French music, zouk....any Anything that sound good.

I got a manly voice I lil deep YEAHHH BABY!!!

I'm a good dreeser. Fashion High, Hip hop and Sporty, All my size not baggy.

I'm respectful.

A lil Cocky


Athletics basketball player, Soccer, Football, Masterd Kung Fu

I love to laugh and Have fun... I'm not a worrying freak

I can't remenber the last time I got Mad..... I don't get mad easyly

I'm a Avarage looking guy.. Hair cut every 2 weeks.... shower 3 times a day cuz I play sports. I love walking,,Long walks real long walks lol, I like hanging out movies and comedy clubs......etc.....

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

u sound perfectly fine and average... it sux cuz many rare nice guys like u are out there... so that one girl who finds u is luckkyy =]]

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

you sound nice enough.

but its your personality that will make you or break you with women.

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

Sorry, not this woman. Funny, but you didn't mention anything about a job

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

hell yeah if you want you can email me at n we can talk some more hope to here form you

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

Doesnt sound bad too me..maybe your looking at the wrong type of woman..or maybe woman see you as too perfect and are afraid to approach..i have the same problem

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

Uh... lets see. How can I say this.. ok.

......You are a HOMO.

Ladies! Am I want Women Want? Just asking.?

Yeah, you sound pretty good-looking, a picture could help... maybe if you tamed a bit your "cocky" attitude and were just a bit less fashionable aka (pretty boy), but there are girls that like that. I prefer men that just dress normal, and i love the fact your in sports, oh and you have good taste in music!!

Shannon Moore looks human again?

I saw Shannon Moore (you know, that reject guy in ECW) on smackdown, and he looks normal again, minus the spiked hair and make up....

Do you think that was a good career move? I'll be honest, the guy might not ever make it to even mid-carder status in WWE, but I'm rooting for him since he stopped acting like a Punk Rock Reject.

Shannon Moore looks human again?

I like him the way he looks now.The spiked was weird.Hes cooler now.

Shannon Moore looks human again?

ha yup i noticed that last night lol

Shannon Moore looks human again?

He does, he also looks like he is 15yrs old!!!!! LOL!!!

Shannon Moore looks human again?

Yeah me too.

Shannon Moore looks human again?

The prince of punk gimmick had a better presence..

Shannon Moore looks human again?

he is my second favourite superstar he great he looks better now

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

my mom is constantly ragging on me about the music i listen to and how i dress, i like emo/punk/rock/metal and heavy stuff

1. i wear a lot of black

2. i wear bands apparel

3. i wear skinny leg jeans

4. metal music


6. i have bright blue hair

7. bangs are in my face

8. language......shh

9. call my brother a "retart"

10. just plain annoying lol

those are ten things she hates about me!!


Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

Each generation finds fault with the next generation. I am 50 and my Mum and Dad didn't like the way I dressed or the music I listened to. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't be like them. I don't like some of the music my adult sons listen to or some of the things they wear, but I don't say anything. (I just remember my parents nagging and I am not going to be the same) SO, just remember these little things and don't nag or harrass your kids in the future.

I think you mum loves you anyway. SO what is wrong with black, bands apparel, skinny leg jeans, metal music (I don't like) LOUD (I like it a bit quiter), blue hair (Hey my gran had blue hair) what are bangs in your face? Language, well, hey I too can swear if I am pissed off. My brother is a darling but my eldest nephew calls his brother a retard all the time. I guess all teenagers can be annoying if parents let them be. Hey my guys were probably annoying to others but not to me.

I can not think of 2 things that annoyed me about my guys, let alone 10.

You will grow out of teenager and then you and your Mum will grow closer. Have a wonderful life, and just try to bite you tongue and get through the next few years. Things will get easier.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

one day you will say to yourself, 'what the hell was I thinking'. Trust me on that one.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

You'll understand when your a mom.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

Cause the goth stuff is annoying probably, which it is.

The loud "music" where you can't understand a word they are saying and yelling is not music and is more annoying than anything.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

lol @ emo kids.

lol @ 15 year old kids being non conformist by conforming to what their friends are waring and listening to

lol @ lol

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

i get exactly the same thing!

my hairs naturally blonde but i dyed it red,

then i dyed it brown, then i put black it in

everytime my mum goes crazy saying its got worse!

she doesn't understand that i LIKE it these colours.

shes always comparing me to other people aswell, like 'kate doesn't have her ears pierced 3 times' like she wants me to be like everyone else

they just dont get it grrrr

keep doing your thing lol ignore the parents.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

You is care you nobodyelse otherthan the mother.

hear atleast to the possible extent.that why

that is why it is said generation gap am i right ?

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

Because she didn't grow up in our time, she grew up in a different time probably.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

Are you my daughter? lol Actually she doesn't have the bright blue hair. She is however getting red and black streaks put in it tomorrow. I feel as if it is a phase and she just wants to be "different". It could be much worse. I hate to point fingers, but the "preppy" girls in her school are the ones smoking( cigs and weed), having sex, etc. I think I'll let her show her individuality her way any day!

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

When my mom visits, she kills me still even though I'm 20.

In the morning, I like listening to Anberlin just because I think their songs wake me up. Paramore, occasionally.

She always snaps at me, even though I'm already old enough. And the bangs thing is the same - always saying "Don't cover your pretty face."

Moms are just moms.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

i know where your coming from, i like rock emo punk music and stuff like that and my hair would probably be a zillion different colors but i wouldnt be able to pass it off. But i can understand your mom too, she probably wasnt ever expecting her own kid having blue hair, and usually it turns out where in most cases parents dont like the music their kids listen to. i always just listened to it anyways, and im sure once you grow up its possible your mom would stop ragging on you. hope i was of some help.

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

the truth they only give orders that make them feel good moms , the good mom is the one who is able to convince her teen daughter to stop those annoying things and those moms are rare

Why is there always a problem with our music, clothes, etc...TEENAGERS?

There shall be no problems if you could gracefully accommodate her views too. May be she is trying to raise you as an ideal daughter as per her dreams.

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

what are some crazy things to do at a sleep over with a whole bunch of punk teens? i have got some crazy stuff in mind, but i cant tell you or else i would get reported. l

i have already got down the makeovers, the music, nails, hair, and scary movies, what else should there be?

besides food? i am already planning a lot of pizza!

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

ok... my best friend had a birthday party and it was sooooo wild

my friend (not the one who was having the bday.. but my other punk friend) and i sang a good night song to the television, we laughed and laughed and laughed...then we went through the kitchen, and found orange juce, popkorn, gummibears, coffee, applejuce, salt pepper, chocolate, andall kinds of other yucky stuff mixed it all together and at the end we drank it..l. yuck... well anyway.... it was all just plain inspiration and we were just our ******* selves!!! it was so much fun and!!! oh and we stayed up all night and then we went for a walk in our PJs in the morning out side... oh and we ran through this place that u actually are not allowed and all these old people were following us.... omfg that party was so fun!!! and the the other day.. my friends and i did a "girls-night" and we did our nails and dyed our hair and put on facemaskes

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

tp houses

smoke weed

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

sleep 2 pts

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

eat talk nail song

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

well what we did that was really cool was we went into this house that is like half-way built at night and it was awesome

idk i like going exploring at night it's really creepy but a lot of fun because the scardycats get all freaked and we can laugh at them

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

smoke pot. sneek some guys over. drop acid, drink, take E.

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

Sadly, the most creative thing I can come up with is "Truth or Dare," or some other party games.

Hmm, what was that other one? "Marry, date, kill?" Or variations of.

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

who ever is the first to fall asleep, put there hand in a bowl of luke warm water and see how long till they wake up and have to go to the bathroom....Also, whoever falls asleep first without their bra on, it goes under the water and into the freezer...They can have it the next morning...

Have fun:)

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

k, well this is something i learned today. Sit on the ground with your ankles crossed. Press the back of your hands AS HARD AS POSSIBLE (your arms should be shaking) on the side of your thighs. Do that for 60 seconds. Then, put your hands by your sides, and they will float up! It is sooo cool and fun!

Fun/crazy things to do at a sleepover?

drop acid