Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

I posted this question yesterday, but figured I might get more responses if I used pictures. I'm really not big on posting picture of myself in places like this, but I figured it'd help.

Lately I've really been wanting to make a big, drastic change to my hair. Feeling impulsive, I guess. I kind of want to go for a super short pixie cut. However, my biggest concern is that I have naturally wavy, very very very thick hair. Seriously, I have an obscene amount of hair. I hide it well, but my hairstylists are always shocked when they need a second bottle of dye to get through my shoulder-length hair.

I just want some feedback on if super-short hair would work out okay for my hair type. I want something chic, piecey, a little punk-y. I'm afraid it'll just look like a mom haircut or just some weird afro. I'm also afraid my features aren't strong enough to pull off this cut.

Here's me being an idiot:

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

honestly, do it! you've got a narrow face and big eyes, so i think it would work. there are so many girls with boring, generic, highlighted hair because they don't want to do much creative stuff to it. I would say kudos to you for wanting to do that. it would reveal a lot of your interesting personality to others, which is a good thing.

it wouldn't look mom-ish if you make the fringe (bangs) funky, pieced and stylish, like portman did in that first pic.

they say- "regret for what we did can be smoothed down with time, but regret for what we didn't do is inconsolable." go for it! i think you can really pull it off. stop worrying so much!

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

you can totally pull it off, go for it! Would look cute!

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

I'm sorry, but personally I don't think it would look that great on you, judging by the picture you provided (no offence). Sorry. But if you do try it, good luck!


Can I pull off a super short haircut?

You could probably pull it off, I tried that cut once and it took forever to grow back.

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

I think you can pull it off! Get something funky. If not, hell you can always grow it back :-D. Good luck.

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

ok. I'm a guy and not much into fashion and I'm not sure if this would work or not but I can tell you what I do know.

look at the shape of your face (hard to see when the photo of you is at a downward angle). Then look for someone else with the same shape face and see if they look good with the hairstyle you want. and go from there

or take a better photo of you. one more straight on. then cut out their hairstyles and set them on your pic.

Can I pull off a super short haircut?

i think it would look really good on you,very chic and would draw attention to your features,go for it

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