Saturday, August 1, 2009

Haircut appointment?

I want to get my hair cut short (right now it's like 3 in. below my shoulders) I want a punk haircut, but not too short, one that can go in a ponytail, still I want it short. Any links you can show me or ideas?

Haircut appointment?

Well, what I did to my hair once is I cut it about an inch below my ears, kind of choppy and shaggy, and longer in the back and shorter towards the bangs. And then I bleached it and put brown in it.

Remember, punk isn't just look. It's hardly look. You don't have to have a green mohawk to be punk. I think that's kind of poser. You can be punk and still have long preppy natural colored hair.

Haircut appointment?

Try this 3 for ideas, and remember punk is about what you see as cool not what others think it's cool. Oh and it's all about the color....

Have fun!!!

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