Monday, July 27, 2009

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

I didnt really get what i wanted the last time i asked this...

Note: My hair is mushrom shaped and/or coconut shaped...

Note 1: I dont want to go fo anything extreme like on american idol, sanjaya's Fauxhawk...

Note 2: i dont want anything that looks emo... or punk...

Note 3: My hair is quite long and black in colour

Note 4: pictures or examples if you have them will be really appreciated :-D

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

To get a good hairstyle, you must first know how to take care of your hair (see lower paragraph.) Now that you know how to take care of youre hair, I can teach you how to get a good hairstyle. First, choose the hairstyle you want.

SPIKES - first, your hair needs to be about 1 inch long (8 centimeters.) Now you can either wet your hair down, then apply the gel, or you can just apply the gel (I suggest not wetting your hair down.) After you apply the gel, use a COMB and run it through your HAIR.

FLAT-TOP -t o do one of these is basically like doing SPIKES. You do exactly the same thing except you do it lightly and you shouldn't have spikes.

WALL - to do the WALL, you need to have BANGS. Got that? Okay, now you usually don't wet your hair down then you put on the hairspray, mousse, gel, or whipped cream (it really works.) OK. Now you comb your hair forward and just flip your bangs up.

Tips to Keep Your Hair Cool- Guys should get a haircut every 3-4 weeks to keep your hair cool. You should wash your hair every day to keep from lice and dandruff.

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Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

Grow it past your shoulders.

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

I swear, i've seen you ask this question like 10 times already. Be true to yourself, BOWL RULES.

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

I found the perfect style for you, CHECK IT OUT!!! YOU ARE GONNA LOVE IT!!!!!! THE GIRLS ARE GONNA BE ALL OVER YOU, PROMISE!!!

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

Your icon pic looks good, short, cropped, clean hair looks very good!

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

I agree with you growing it till your feet or electric spikes,i.e.,touch an open electric circuit.

Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

Hey MoMo...

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Any Hairstyle Ideas For Guys??

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