Monday, July 27, 2009

Do i sound dateable?

this is my description

im 14

im 5'8 1/2

i have brown hair

i used to have a faux hawk but my hair is growed out and now its a shag

i have 6-pack abs (im not lying)

im slim

i skate

im kind of a punk skater

im nice

i respect women

im easygoing

i have my own band

but my family always comes b4 my band

Do i sound dateable?

not only do u sound absolutely hot, but u seem really cool. funny, nice. im also a skater. and a siz pack? wow. thats amazing. and a band too. id totally date u.

Do i sound dateable?

you sound like a nice kid to me.

Do i sound dateable?

yea sure...

Do i sound dateable?

You sound really hot.

Do i sound dateable?

If you respect women, you will definately be dateable.

Good luck fella.

Do i sound dateable?

of course so! Everyone is dateable.~~

Question is do you have time for a girlfriend with a family, a band and skating??

Just don't change for anyone.

Do i sound dateable?

You sound really dateable.. have faith in yourself more it will give you confidence and that in turn is attractive! have fun!

Do i sound dateable?

are u seriously asking this question? ;D. u sound realli phitt and i think u know tht

u sound like a really hott lad and more importantly, uve gt ur priorities sorted...

"but my family always comes b4 my band"

u sound like a nice guy and VERY soon a girl is gona *** along and giv u a very clear answer 2 the question "Am I Datable?"

Best Of Luck, x

Do i sound dateable?

DUH!!! lol i wood date u, or a kid like u, but seems that there r none in my area! :( ooo well, i have other priorities

Do i sound dateable?

i would like soooo totally date yew


and i wanna touch that 6 pack of urs =DD

Do i sound dateable?

yeah you sound like a great guy and true about family comes first i totally agree with you on that if i knew you in person i would say ya you are and if i knew you better and in person id date you if you asked me out

Do i sound dateable?


for like the 5th timee lol u

ask this question alot

and my answer stays the same

yes yes



i love guya wit shag hair

Do i sound dateable?

this is the 3rd freakin time uv asked this and i have told u along with lots of others 3 freakin times that u sound good


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