Monday, July 27, 2009

How do I get a mohawk?

I want to get a kickass punk mohawk. Can sombody tell me like what products to use and how long my hair should be?

How do I get a mohawk?

wow that was a really funny answer

dude; well of course you have to shave the sides

one important thing is to straighten your hair i dunno you might already have straight hair but it definitely matters

next dont use gel

you wont to use a "wax" (not actually wax) product it's got a waxy texture, it will also give your hawk flexibility (when it's hard like with gel; hitting it will bend it permanently)

and I know it's really tempting but don't use glue

i have a bunch of friends with hella thinned out hair because they glued their hair; trust me IT THINS HAIR FAST

so I know it sucks but you gotta dish out some cash for same quality wax because cheap waxes are more like gels and they wont really hold it that well.

when i had a hawk i used paul mitchel and tigi(aka bed head)

i hate to be dissing peoples companies but "Joico" is an example of one of the waxes that will be too soft for your purposes.


good luck


How do I get a mohawk?

Go get it done at a salon


shave off the sides of ur hair and then get something to make it stick up, ur hair should be about the length of the size of ur hair u want the mohawk part that sticks up


google it

How do I get a mohawk?

Shave the sides of your hair, get bed head stuff its really intese it's in a yellow bottle.

And spike it.

How do I get a mohawk?

mohawks are gross. faux hawks are hott!!

your hair should be like a buzz cut that's grown out some. use a little bit of gel and get your hair wet and come it where it gathers in center and spikes up in front some.

How do I get a mohawk?

It doesn't realy matter how ong your hair is, you just need the 2/3 inch strip that's longer than the rest

With mine I just use V05 wax on the roots to get it to actually stand up, a little hairspray on the rest then blow dry it (its about 6 inches high) works brilliantly and doesn't get sticky and stiff like gel

Most people use gel or egg whites, got2b glue is great

Just mess around with products and find whatever works best for you!

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