Monday, July 27, 2009

Halloween makeup help?

Okay so for halloween im going to e a punk rock princess fairy. the main color is light pink and a bit of black. i also need advice on what to do for my hair... but i hate buns. i have borwn hair green eyes and a emo/scene haircut. ok thanks alot! 閳俱儮娅忛埦?br>Halloween makeup help?

keep going , describe your body ..

Halloween makeup help?

ok for makeup: wear a lot of black eyeliner, pink eyeshadow, purple/black lipstick and other pink and black makeup items.

hair: tease ur hair so its really big and has lots of volume. looks very punk/rock.

have fun and good luck!!!

Halloween makeup help?

you should emphasise the cheeks, lots of bright pink along the cheekbones, if you use lipstick you could stick glitter over the pink it's be mad looking. big black eyes with flicks out the side bare lips.

Hair all back almost kinda sticking out lots of gel

Halloween makeup help?

lots of black eyeliner. and instead of lightpink/black, i'd go for magenta/black.

if you have a scene cut alrady, DONT put it in a bun!!! leave it down, and exaggerate the layers with hair putty. make it look choppy and sorta spike it out a little.

if your going for a wild look, try pink and black fake eyelashes, with lots of black sparkly eyeliner.

idk what your costume is like, but if its all pretty and punk rock-ish, all stars would make a nice effect.

take a look at Gerard way's (of MCR) costume makeup. i think that would look really cool. like the way he makes himself up to look dead, or just like uber dark.

if you have specific questions feel free to email me!

Halloween makeup help?

Check out this girl's make-up videos - they are awesome! Maybe you can try something like this for your look!

She does almost her entire face in very colorful, crazy patterns!

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