Monday, July 27, 2009

Make-Up for Me =)?

Im a little punk so I like a bit of dramatic make-up, but I still like to keep it somewhat undercontrol.

I currently have dark brown hair with bright red within it. (I naturally have sandy blonde hair, but I dont like it). I have fair skin (so yeah i'm very very pale =( ) and bright and deep green eyes. I have what the people in modeling say "perfect cheekbones" and i have as everyone says georgous big eyes (they're not too big lmao). I love my eyes and they're the biggest part of my daily makeup rountine. I cannot live without my jet black eyeliner (and i dont wear that much) and my Florabundance M.A.C cosmetics lipglass. Im complimented on my makeup everyday, so thats not a problem. I just want some tips to make it even BETTER =) thanks, much love xoxoxoxo

Make-Up for Me =)?

Just play a bit! It sounds like you have things that you like for sure so maybe try variations of those things. MAC makes a great eyeliner called Inkspill, which is a dark, dark green slightly metallic almost black color, you may want to check that out. I personally love it kind of smudged rather than a line. If your eyes and cheek bones are you biggest assets play them up. Maybe try a little shimmer right on the top of your cheekbones as a highlighter. I would for sure try MAC Glimmershimmer as a highlighter on your cheeks and try different eyeliner colors, it may make your eyes pop a little more.

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Make-Up for Me =)?

If you're a little punk you could try jet black liquid eyeliner. For eyeshadow you could try lots of bright colours like blue, pink, red, and green. Since you have green eyes you'd probably look good in purple or pink eyeshadow.

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