Monday, July 27, 2009

Music of the ages?

Have you noticed that every decade has a music of that particular decade.

50's - Rockabilly - Elvis

60's - Psychedelic/British - The doors/Beatles

70's - punk - Ramones

80's - Hair Metal - Motley Crue

90's - Grunge - Nirvana

What is the musical identity of the 00's?

and what will be the musical identity of the 10's

Music of the ages?

I'd hate to say it but

2000's = Emo

It is only emo because the stupid radio refuses to play the good music these days(Metal) and which gives rock music a bad reputation. No wonder rap is in control these days, nobody wants to listen to emo/pop. Which I can't really blame them. The radio needs to play stuff like Slipknot, Korn, Killswitch Engage, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Rise Against, etc other than My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Boys like Girls, Jonas Brothers.

So here is how it goes

BEST KIND in 2000s= Metal

Most Popular = EMO(Makes me want to puke when I say this)

Music of the ages?

Brand X is timeless.

Music of the ages?

I am sad to say it, but everywhere I turn, there is more Emo spreading like an awful slime over the music industry, and though it sounds like crap, just like the rest of our Era, the music of this time is a selfish recap of the Punk Era, but with designer labels and fewer do it yourself stickers...

Hopefully the 00s have something better to offer...

Music of the ages?

probably emo, blech

Music of the ages?

It won't be nearly as good as past decades.

60's and 70's are the best, definitely.

Music of the ages?

the 00's (lol how would you even pronounce that?) i think is a mix. just like all the other ages, but the best genre that would best discribe the 00's i think would be alternative, cause alternative was created out of grunge bands. but there are also gay emo bands that came out of nowhere, but i choose to ignore them and say alternative is the musical identity of the 00's.

Music of the ages?

for the 00's... i'd say radiohead. they've released 4 albums between 2000 and now, hopefully more soon. though "art rock" doesn't really define the 00's. that's a hard one.

Music of the ages?

Have you noticed some people stupidly simplify things to pretend that a decade is defined by a rather small amount of music and bounded by a strict date?

50s- You've declared rockabilly. Where is the regular Rock and Roll? Doo wop? R %26amp; B?

60s- You ignore the dominance that folk had in the early part of the decade and use psychedelic a term so broad as to cover dozens of lesser styles from pink floyd to the grateful dead. Even if you use this, it still leaves out all the variations found of blues-rock, folk-rock, etc..

70s- punk, what no metal existed? no prog rock? no

blues rock? no soft rock? no"singer/song writers"? Disco never happened? no reggae? No southern rock? Who was playing all those new baskeball arenas? Peter Frampton, Eric Clapton, %26amp; about forty different "super" groups non-existent. Sorry but punk only became important in retrospect.

80s- No punk here? no goth rock, no new wave, no college radio, no house, none of those effeminant british bands, and apparently no bands from the 70s, Springsteen, U2,%26amp; REM isn't around in your view and I was never subjected to Glenn Frey and Huey Lewis. I'd say stop judging the past based on 80s nights.

90s- no alternative (Ok this covers a lot), no jam bands, no psychobilly, no neo-punk, no british indy, no boy bands, no pop tarts, no industrial, etc etc etc.

music is a lot broader then what's on Happy Days and I think Neil Young has gone through more musical styles in his career then youhave with your decade list.

Music of the ages?

retro (when in doubt say "retro")

But seriously, I hear all kinds of new stuff, not all if it blows me away.

But there are sounds unique to me, and they are the music that the "kids" have been listening to for at least a couple of years.

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