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Hairstyle advice/help?????

I'm going to get my hair cut tomorrow %26amp; I'm sick of having it long, straight %26amp; one length. It's getting boring!! FYI I'm really low maintenance (no hairdryer, product, etc). I absolutely love the hairstyles on some of the girls on the Hot Topic website %26amp; want to do something like it. My favorite is this one:

Does anyone know of any websites that have punk-ish hairstyles similar to the one in the picture??? (Most sites I find have the usual boring styles!!)

I wanna look around for something I love, to show the person doing my hair. I know I can print out the pic, cause I do like it, but I want to look around %26amp; see if I find anything that I may like BETTER.

(If the link doesn't work go to %26amp; look up the "Blue And Black Checkered Skull Headband"...that's the hairstyle.)

Hairstyle advice/help?????

Okay I believe what you want is either a medium shag or paneled hair. Note: I do not mean paneled hair coloring, it's a paneled hair cut.

Panelling: PANELING

Who it works for: This cut works beautifully on fine hair. It's a short, edgier twist on layers that give you more volume. Hair that's too thick ends up looking like a mullet.

Tell your hairstylist: Instead of cutting on top of the hair, pull up the top layer and cut shorter, more angular pieces underneath.

Maintenance: Don't wash your hair everyday unless it's really oily. This style looks very "Bad Girl" when it's a little dirty.



Who it works for: Most people, except those with very curly or frizzy hair. Because the layers are adjusted to suit your face shape, it's easy to pull off.

Tell your hairstylist: Ask for choppy, uneven, tapered ends. There should be layers in the front and back.

Maintenance: Thanks to the uneven, broken-up layers, this hair still looks good when it's grown out, but to keep the look, have it cut every six to eight weeks

here's a real life pic of someone with a medium shag:

and here's a haircut similar to what u want:

(girl on far right-the one in red)

and here she is again... well theres a good pic of her but i cant find it once i do i'll modify my answer and add the link....kk here it is hope this helpps!!!

check out the site i listed below

Hairstyle advice/help?????

You may want to look at the models on Urban Outfitters website. It is a similar style to what you are looking for.

Hairstyle advice/help?????

Im not sure about specific sites, but try A LOT of layers with whispy looks great.

Hairstyle advice/help?????

omg you sound so kewl the chicks on the hottopic website have awsome hair. i love it! But yea i' m having a problem with finding the right hair style. If you find one you like email me! (

Hairstyle advice/help?????

If you want like a punkish style then get it layerd angled and get side bangs. and for a shampoo my mom gets her hair colored so she gets like the shampoo for color treated hair and it may work for you too.

hope it helped!

Hairstyle advice/help?????

never heard of a punkish hairstyle, i thought punks dont go to hairdressers they just go down to the garage and every one shaves and colours each others hair.

however i think i do know what u are asking for. jsut ask for long side swept whispy firnges and alayers around the facethat are whispy and not so regular. ask for 'point cut' layers. this refers to the angle the hairdresser holds the scissors.

for some uncommon inspiration i also sugest u take a look at some of the haircuts on manga cartoon characters. they are one of the cutest and they might b a bit right about what u are looking for

as far as shamppos opt fr a one specifically for coloured hair l'oreal is good enough. jsut stay away from head and shoulders and jhonsons baby shampoo

hope this helps:)

Hairstyle advice/help?????

O.k... To start wit...I am not trying to get in your biz but my best bud got that same exact hairstyle and it doesn't look the same as it does in that is not a very good pic of a hairstyle, but look at this website it will probably help. Look at the one I have pulled up It's really cute

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