Monday, July 27, 2009

I need a new style! help! read more!?

okay i need A LOT of HELP! i need help with eye liner colors (i dont like black or brown eye liner on me) i need help with a new hairstyle i want to keep the side swept bangs. i really like the scene hair i want my hair to be at my shoulders.... i am kinda preppy i guess.... but i really like the scene look my mom wont let me dye my hair so do you think it will still look good? can some one put together an out fit for me, that is kinda punk? please give me links to PICTURES!

here is a picture of me:

I need a new style! help! read more!?

WOW YOU LOK KINDA LIKE MY FRIENDS DAUGHTER (thats a complement) Ok i suggest you use a tan eye shadow but not too dark and you use some lilgloss and you need a more colorful style i would start shopping at aeropostale or abercrombie if i were you i you have clothes from there then your fine

I need a new style! help! read more!?

i htink you young and beautiful and you dont need no scale to judge you if you think ur ******* hott then guess what ur ******* hott :)

I need a new style! help! read more!?

I think brown eyeliner would look best on you... I don't really like the blue/green you have on in the picture. Try it just on the top lid- eyeliner doesn't work on the bottom lid for certain people. (it doesn't work for me.)

For hair... try something like Hayley Williams.

Also- you are already SO pretty, and you would look AMAZING with less makeup.

I need a new style! help! read more!?

green eyes right? i would say the color slate. they have it at clinique for $13.50, and it's well worth it. it will make your green eyes pop.

for scene hair get the long scene side swept bangs.

I need a new style! help! read more!?

Well if you want to become more punk, it isn't just the clothes you wear, but anyway you can wear shirts like this or skirts like this or pants like this with shoes like Converese shoes. Something like that...try if you want.

I need a new style! help! read more!?

yeah you should definitely change your style if you want a Hayley Williams cut..people will call you a poseur.

Try shopping at ..

they have amazing clothing!!

Also try,H%26amp;M,Urban Outfitters,Forever 21, and American Apparel.

Here is some cool hairstyles..

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