Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WWE Draft...?

1.Smackdown: CM Punk. Punk fueds with Chris Masters.

2.ECW: Kenny Dykstra: He becomes a jobber and gets his a** kicked by Keving Thorn each week.

3.Smackdown: Carlito: Carlito tries to get T.Lo outta buisness again then gets fired.

4.RAW: Matt Striker: Jeff Hardy will whoop his a** each week, for dissin Hardys hair in Strikers Classroom.

5. RAW: MVP: The U.S. Title comes to RAW. Cody Rhodes will defeat him for it.

6. ECW: Candice Michelle: The Womens Title is stripped from her. She fueds with Extreme Expose.

7.RAW: Matt Hardy: He rejoins his brother.

8.Smackdown: Lance Cade: He joins Jimmy Wang Yang to form "the Rednecks".

9.Smackdown: Sndman: The IC Title goes with him.

What do you think?

WWE Draft...?



yea why not have the miz becoming heavy weight champion ya' F'kn tool

WWE Draft...?

horrible card. why would anyone want to watch Candice Michelle feud with Extreme Expose?

WWE Draft...?

good but oh who am i kidding 10/10

WWE Draft...?

Candice and Extreme Expose...Ugh!

But the other's are good.

WWE Draft...?

like everything but these

Candice Michelle storyline: thats a no-no. Would be very boring.

MVP: good, but not Cody Rhodes winning it. He's an @ss, on Raw and in real life.

CM Punk: I like him on SD!, but not feuding with Masters. It would be better if he was going up against like Shannon Moore, or Finlay.

Lance Cade: He's already in a "Redneck" tag team

WWE Draft...?

it's ok

WWE Draft...?


WWE Draft...?

dude, this future draft card sucks! sorry but I don't think Candice would feud with Extreme Expose.

WWE Draft:

RAW: Khali, heavyweight title gets stripped off him and he gets fired by Mr. McMahon.

Smackdown- John Morrison- wins the U.S title.

ECW- Finlay- feuds with the miz and uses his shilleleigh in extreme rules.

RAW- Kane- wins the WWE title.

Smackdown- Jeff Hardy- joins his brother and takes the IC continental title off of him and Shelton Benjamin wins it.

RAW- MVP- fight Shelton and wins it

ECW- Victoria- joins with Extreme expose and they get boos so Victoria then gets kicked and they feud.

Smackdown- Tommy Dreamer- extremes rules and acts a little like Eddie Guerrero.

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