Monday, July 27, 2009

New back-to-school outfits?

i need some ideas for back to school outfits? my style is punk/emo/hardcore. but i am a little girly. i like pink. what are some hair and make-up ideas. show me some pictures or something please.

New back-to-school outfits?

hmm, friggin awsome neon pink zebra shirts.

and good band shirts such as....

and just plain cute shirts.

and tight jeans

and hoodies

and kick *** necklaces

and studded belts pink or white. and for shoes flats, slip ons, or converse. :]]

New back-to-school outfits?

we'll if you mean like outfits. if you like waering skirts wear a black one. if you don't wear some tight capriiis. then for a top you could wear a pink tannk yop or long sleeve shirt!

Maybe you could wear black heels, but if you don't want to wear flip flops{Black!}

Hope i helped for a back to school outfit!

New back-to-school outfits?

You should buy some ripped up paint splattered jeans and a shirt that is black with pink polka-dots you can find black and pink things at Wet Seal or Hot Topic

New back-to-school outfits?

i know what yyour going for


-urban outfitters


thats where i do all my back to school shopping.

New back-to-school outfits?

weren't you the girl who said wanted to be a model?????

that one is a perfect example of emo hair for girls, personally i really like it, and for the make up put like a lot of pink on the eyelids and work your way out to the corners of your eyes, don't forget to pile on the black eyeliner, wear a tank top with skinny jeans, black ballet flats, and a a belt with those studded metal things, or a bracelet you can find these things probably at claire's and hot topic

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