Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Razored edgy look?

i really want to cut my hair and i want something new and really exciting for school. Im not like punk and what ever i do has to be aproved by my mom. So nothing to crazy.

Razored edgy look?


if u didn't want it black u could do dark brown


i like the the one behind

Razored edgy look?

you didn't indicate the length of your hair but if it is straight, ask you stylist for a blunt, razor cut ... my sister is a stylist and she loves this look ... instead of using a scissors to cut the hair, she uses a straight edge razor which gives the hair a choppy, modern look. it esp look great on bangs!

Razored edgy look?

Just get it layered and if it is already, get bangs. And if you already have bangs, change them, or dye your hair. It's hard without a description of yourself. Just look through magazines or on the internet for pictures of people with cool hair and show them to your mom.

Razored edgy look?

I like this one. Its the 5th one down, the girl with medium length brown hair. Its really cute and I'm SURE your mom would approve of it.


Razored edgy look?

yeaa i wanted to get that kinda look also and i did. u should go look at kristin cavallari's hair wen its short.


...that kinda is wat im talking about. i just cant seem to find the picture that im talking about. well its kinda like that except it needs to be more razored. then u can like dye it a dark color with some kinda redish tone to it or something like that =D

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