Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deep crush?

everyday at lunch i pass by this guy sitting at his table. he's 2 yrs older than me and i dont know his name, (first do i have a chance?) he looks like a younger gerard way. i also see him at the very end of the day after the last bell rings. those are the only 2 times. now how, during these times, do i get him to notice me and in a good way? i've heard answers like "become a "punk"" well i guess im already one sorta, dark clothes, blonde purple and black hair (sounds strange but its cute) and also which side of my personality do i show, the girly or tomboy, dependant or independant, tough or feminin, loud or quiet, outgoing or shy. all these words just describe me, but which ones do i use more of? i do have 2 thoughts #1. accidentally fall near his table just 2 get his attention #2 drop a penny and let it roll under the table, ask him to hand it to me then tell him to stop and ask if its heads or tails and only pick it up if its lucky, those r dum but i dunno

Deep crush?

AH! if he looks like gerard way, go for it!

seriously though, talk to him first...if you dont even know his name, you probalby dont know anything about him, if you see him in the lunch line etc, strike up a conversation....

if he seems like a jerk, leave him alone...he he seems friendly, start flirting......

Deep crush?

Seriously just make the first move and go talk to him, I'm sure you have a chance.

No need to hint around the bush, guys aren't really the subtle type.

Just say hi.

Deep crush?

first off, don't change the way you dress for a guy or he won't end up being worth it. second, since you don't know him, you could casually bump into him (don't go too over the top and fall on him or anything) or if he ever glances your way, just smile sweetly. there's no harm in that.. and it will show him you're interested without seeming desperate. best advice, just introduce yourself to him. there's no harm there. good luck :)

Deep crush?

hey the dude doesn't know u and if hes as cute as u say risk it all and make every move with every once of ur personality that u know everyone luvs! Trust me theres nothing to lose and if u dont know him it makes it better cuz if sumthin bad happens he cant point u out as anything if u know what i mean.

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