Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hairstyle Help?

i want to get my hair cut before i go into highschool. i have just below the shoulder length hair right now and i have some layers in it. I have a side part. i also have fine and not too thick not too thin hair. It's naturally wavy but i love to straighen it. What haircut should i get. Nothing really short. I'm into like punk and emo stuff. VERY artsy!

Hairstyle Help?

Layered hair with side bangs.

Hairstyle Help?

Just get rough, thick, uneven layers, they look quite emo and punky, but are easy to maintain and style.

Hairstyle Help?

go for the cool anime look, check out the purple haired las in the movie Titan AE

Hairstyle Help?

Well I Know hat you are going through.

im alreday in highschool im in year 10 but.

i find it difficult because ive got very out of control frizzy curly hair to be able to have a emo haircut.

but i think you should definatly go for an emo/punk haircut because yu dont have to have short hair to have it emo it can be long to.

also i am pretty emo mysef part from my hair everything else bowt me is emo so i spose i would say for you to have your hair cut emo bcos i like it personally.

have alook on the internet tho and type in things like. haircut on google images. it is very helpfull


good luck

Hairstyle Help?




try some of these

Hairstyle Help?

cut it like a boy

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