Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Why are they making a big deal?

well i used to be very bouncy %26amp;%26amp; loved colorful normal

close %26amp;%26amp; hair..some would probably say "preppy"

%26amp;%26amp; since i started hanging out with this girl..i started acting

%26amp;%26amp; dressing more "punkrock" like..now im not going to say

im punkrock b-cuz i kno some peopl have a problem with that

but yeah i came to school wearing black nail polish..

dyed my hair bleach blonde with pink highlights

have a scene hair cut %26amp;%26amp; wearing diff BUT sickk clothes

%26amp;%26amp; all my friends are like OMGGG YOUR SOO PUNK!!


like my personality didnt really change..so why are they

fussing about it so much?..i just have a diffrent style..

can someone exlplain to me?? b-cuz im not gettin it..

--future wwe diva--

Why are they making a big deal?

You'll make new friends. :] pretty cool, a punk chick with a scene style :D never heard of it before %26amp;%26amp; pretty creative!

Just forget about them, if they were your true friends they would stay by you :D%26lt;3

Right now i have raccoon tail highlights, with intense black hair.... I lost alot of friends during my punk phase, and now that I'm scene, I feel like it suits me best, and i dont give a crap weather my friends are happy with it or not, because i sure am, and I'm going to continue doing what makes me happy ~:]


ive been through it all. the only thing you need to know is;


Why are they making a big deal?

Just tell em to get lost. Maybe they are jealous because they don't have the courage to be so creative and daring.

Why are they making a big deal?

well maybe your friends just dont understand that maybe you should talk to them and say i am just the same person inside and your friends dont like you because of the way you dress then they might not be your real friends and just be yourself you dont have to follow what everyone else is doing do what you like and dress how you want =] hope i helped and hay maybe they are jealous but you might not want to ask them that they might get offended=] bye

Why are they making a big deal?

Just the way it is. Doesn't end in high-school, either. People obsess over trivial things, in order to have something to talk about. You are right. It is not a big deal. People are poor, starving or dying all over the world, but instead, this is what the masses are concerned with.

You can dress however you feel like. Wear it like you mean to wear it. You owe no apologies for your clothing.

If you are confident with your style, eventually they will look stupid for asking.

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