Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How can i get my parents to cave?

i really want m hair like this


cept maybe isntead of pink blue, but my parents are very narrow minded when it comes to dying hair. And i really want my hair like this. Im going to pay for it, but the thing is im 15 about to go 10th so i dont have a lisceanse and theres no wat i could sneak and get it dyed. How can i talk to my parents about it and get them to say yes

How can i get my parents to cave?

That's a cute hair style!

I don't know what to tell you. I'm 25 now, married with 3 children, but when I was a teenager my parents were really, really strict and I never got to do anything fun with my hair.

Now that I'm a mom I think it's really silly to stress over something as trivial as hair. The teen years are the only time you really CAN do something like that since once you turn 18, you'll need a job. At least, that's what happened to me.

Don't go behind your parents backs to color your hair. If you make them angry and lose their trust, they will only become more strict.

I have 2 suggestions, I don't know if they will work, but it's worth a try.

Ask your parents if you can color your hair, and PROMISE that you will color it back to normal without complaint once school starts. Tell them it's just for the summer. Make sure to keep your word. If they see how mature and responsible you are, they may agree to lket you do something edgy again in the future.

If that doesnt work, maybe you can get an edgy haircut without the wild color. That's what I did in high school. I had a cool short, spikey, punk style.

You can also look into hair color that washes out, but make sure to tell your parents first.

How can i get my parents to cave?

Get the temporary mascara-wand type hair colors that wash out at night.

How can i get my parents to cave?

oh hell no. they are never gonna let you do that. you could try this though. tell them that it's your hair and you should be able to do what you want with it.

How can i get my parents to cave?

Have someone take you too some place like target and get temporary dye there, and then one day when their in a good mood put it in and see what they think but make sure you tell them its just fake a bunch. Have Fun : )

How can i get my parents to cave?

that girl is hot

i would try to convince them by telling them how hot you would be =)

How can i get my parents to cave?

Until you are supporting yourself, then your parents make the rules.One day you will have to get a job.Most folks won't hire someone who looks like a freak.No offense.The people who started the new looks were druggies and just holly wood trash.The next ones were their groupies who live the same lifestyle.When you dress like those people, people "ASSOCIATE" you with them because the reputation goes with the look.

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