Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Haircut help?

ok well im getting my haircut this weekend

and i [im a girl] i kinda want a punk rocker look

but not lke a mohawk

more like choppy or layered

with bangs

my hair is kinda long

and i wanna keep it long

maybe lke long on the bottom

and then shorter layers

or idk

could someone send me some pictures of any haircuts that might fit this criterica?

also im getting blue highlites

so if see any pictures with blue highlites or any other color that would look good with light brown hair

tell me

Haircut help?


i found this hairstyle online its perfect for what you want just add some highlights and itll still look good

Haircut help?

you should go with black with red stripes on one side. I did this and get all kinds of compliments on it.

Haircut help?

Well I don't have any pictures but the asymmetrical cut is really cute for the punk look. I have mine cut shorter in the back with the front longer and one side still longer than the other its a great versatile choppy look and I can wear it sleek if I want to also.

Haircut help?

Go on photobucket and type in "scene hair" it shows really punk-like styles. And light brown hair u should get like black highlights but idk about blue.

Haircut help?

Too bad you aren't considering a mowhawk. I had a nice one going for a few years and I'm getting another one soon, they can be cut long to comb to the side for bangs or whatnot. Light brown hair really gets accented with burgundy highlights though.

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