Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How to add a rockstar edge and a new hot look?

ok im just 1 of those plain guys, i feel completely comfortable in just jeans an a t shirt, but i wanna know what would i need 2 completely ressurect my look im TIRED of bein just blah i wanna know what i need to wear to have a guitarist rockstar look somethin really good. nothing really sevear i want ppl to come up 2 me an say "wow lookin hot" not "holy crap what did u do" i play guitar a lil already but i just dont kno much 4 style what cologne should i wear what style of clothes wut hair style rite now i have longish hair bout halfway down my nose and parents r those ppl that r like NO YOU CANT GROW UR HAIR OUT!..just boing old BLAHS lol but anyway could anyone help me out im not ritch or anything so i cant really buy alot of fancy stuff so i have limited resources and i need help! plz im kinda punk so i wanna also add my own kinda edge on it..i also dont want adults 2 be like geez look at that..thing or w/e i want ppl MY age an im 16 an adults 2 think wow! nice! wut attitude also?

How to add a rockstar edge and a new hot look?

wear more black

wear gel in your hair,maybe get a little bangs....

cologne doesn't really matter,just not too much...you dont even need any

attitute-not like youre all that...maybe a little quiet...maybe a little mysterious...

How to add a rockstar edge and a new hot look?

You might want to add poser to your resume cause thats what you are.

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