Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What do guys prefer in girls?

Here's me: 5'8, tight stomach, long light brown [scene cut] hair, long sexy legs, green eyes, I dress "different", I guess you could say somewhere inbetween punk and scene. Do

YOU prefer me, [what you just read], or a short girl? [5'2 or so] Also what do you like in a girl? Outgoing? Sweet? Funny? All? Just tell me, I'll give you all who tell me this stuff serious points! Also, the big question. BROWN OR BLONDE HAIR? Because I'm naturally blonde, and don't know if I want to be blonde again, or stay brown. I'm French, which means I'm a "white" girl, so I'm not mexican or anything. So PLEASE ANSWER ME!


What do guys prefer in girls?

overall, you sound pretty sexy, though i hope you're not too thin! don't have visible abs either, it's gross on a girl. looks like a man.

height is not very important to me. case in point: i have two crushes right now. one is about 5'4". another is 6'1", the tallest girl i know. I'm 6'6". so i wouldn't be deciding on height or even considering it much. i might have a slight preference for short girls.

what do i like? lots of things. kindness and sweetness above all. way more important than anything else, even big boobs. :) being down-to-earth, outgoing (to balance out my introversion), and friendly are also very important. and interesting, engaging, and smart. i love smart girls. soooo hot, seriously. :) if she has brains, she goes way up in attractiveness, to me.

brown or blonde? ***definitely*** brown. not even close. i very much dislike blonde hair. i've dated blondes if they were good enough otherwise, but to me blonde hair is a big negative. dark hair is so much sexier to me.

What do guys prefer in girls?

big fan of girls i don't need to bend down to kiss (so your height sounds perfect to me), and as for legs and eyes, no real preferences - i'd much prefer knowing whether you were intelligent or not, warm or not, and friendly or not. sweet is definitely a plus (but not shallow). :-)

blonde vs brunette - going to have to say blonde for short hair, brunette for shoulder-length or longer. a little exacting, but hey, we all have ideals...

and yes, you sound like the kind of girl i'd totally be trying to figure out how to have dinner with sometime.

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