Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Fashion Hairstyles?

I have brown hair, which is mid length.

Does anyone have any good pictures of any hairstyles/haircuts that are fashionable and make a statement?

Maybe like punk[y] or anything that makes a statement!

[Please Note: I have no intention of dying my hair or getting highlights so hairstyles that don't require that would be perfect - thanks!]

Fashion Hairstyles?

The one thing that looks good on every bgoy has to be an emo hair cut it's really cute

and no i'm not emo or goth i just like emo hair cuts

Fashion Hairstyles?

get a mohalk

Fashion Hairstyles?

I just recently got a graduated bob. its kindof short in the back and as it gets close to the face its longer. and it looks good. its very easy to maintain.

Fashion Hairstyles?

emoey haircuts are so hott o god

kinda like pete wentzy

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