Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rockstar for halloween.?

okay i decided i'm going as a rockstar to a halloween party tonight.

do you think wearing a black skirt, black heals, fishnets, and some kind of shimmery black top or sequin something on top would be good? and then crimp my hair, wear like punk rockerish bracelletes, and real dark eye makeup? any other good ideas to go with this? or better ideas? anything is apprieciated =]

btw..i'm 16 =]

ohh, and has anyone ever used temporary pink hair dye and knows if it washes out of blonde highlighted hair okay?

i have naturally dirty blonde hair and i have lighter blonde highlights in it that arnt natural?

Rockstar for halloween.?

Sounds good, and the temp. dye washes out good but if its the spray kind, which im guessing it is, while its in your hair it feels like hairspray all hard and stuff, so go easy on putting it on.

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